Nutrition and Welfare

The Siro Group Foundation seeks to combat malnutrition around the world by harnessing intellectual, productive and economic resources from the companies it owns and that are engaged in the development and production of food products.

The Foundation understands malnutrition from two different perspectives: malnutrition caused by excess (e.g., the existence of poor eating habits or an excess of foods that can be harmful); and malnutrition caused by insufficiency (e.g., a dietary deficit or the existence of specific nutritional needs).

Our commitment mainly lies in:

  • Driving nutritional research through I+DEA, as well as the development of specific products that allow us to feed more people and better.
  • Harnessing the productive capabilities of Cerealto Siro Foods to produce said products.
  • Searching for local resources that allow us to create nutritional solutions adapted to the needs of each territory and/or group, or to foster local production.
  • Creating partnerships will all types of public or private institutions, associations and NGOs that allow us to reach out to more vulnerable groups in society.


The Nutritional Biscuit

The Grupo Siro Foundation already has the first “Nutritional Biscuit” developed for this purpose, with a formula that seeks to combat malnutrition in any population group anywhere in the world.

This Biscuit acts as a nutritional supplement and just one ration can provide the vitamins and minerals needed by an individual to cover their daily intake. Besides being a source of energy and proteins, it has the very best macronutritional composition – it tastes great!

Recommendations from the Global CODEX Alimentarius have been considered in its development.

“Chapín” Project in Guatemala

In order to demonstrate effectiveness in the control of child malnutrition through consumption of the biscuit as a complementary foodstuff, we are conducting a clinical study in Guatemala with a group of children aged 2 to 6, to whom the biscuit will be given over a certain period of time.

To achieve this, we have adapted the recipe to specific nutritional deficits in this population group and the territory where they live. The consumption of one ration (4 biscuits) would account for 50% of their recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

The changes in their health resulting from the consumption of these biscuit will be measured according to the analytical improvement of micronutrients between the start and end of the project. Similarly, the changes in their anthropometric measurements will also be recorded.

The clinical protocol has been developed alongside the HM Hospitals Foundation and a recognised group of paediatricians from HM Hospitales, as well as the nutrition and development team of I+DEA and Cerealto Siro Foods.

At present, the clinical protocol is being reviewed by an independent Ethical Research Committee in Guatemala – the Nutrition Institute of Central America and Panama, which is backed by the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO).

The success of this project would not be possible without the involvement of every one of the partners supporting the project through intellectual, human and economic resources:

If you represent an association, NGO, private company and/or public authority and think you can support our mission to combat malnutrition around the world, please do not hesitate to contact us here.