Volunteers from the Grupo Siro factory in Jaén and relatives join the clean-up day to put an end to the trash of the natural surroundings of Jaén. This action is part of the ‘Libera’ project, promoted by SEO / BirdLife in collaboration with Ecoembes, to prevent and stop trash in Spanish ecosystems.

Grupo Siro Foundation joins the great collaborative collection to free garbage from the nature of Jaén, specifically in the surroundings of El Neveral, in which employees of Grupo Siro and their families have participated.

Every little gesture counts and every clean square meter is a collective benefit. Aware of the importance of working together to care for the environment, Grupo Siro Foundation has wanted to join the ‘Libera’ project, promoted by SEO / BirdLife in collaboration with Ecoembres, in the second edition of ‘1m2 by nature’, the great collection collaborative national to free of garbage the nature and to visualize the consequences of the abandonment of waste.

The day is part of the aims of the Grupo Siro Foundation for the recovery of the historical, artistic and environmental heritage of the environments in which they operate.

This type of actions contribute to the fight against climate change, the sustainable management of forests and the promotion of a culture that respects the environment in society.